The Desk

Keeper of Secrets (both keepers and prisoners are bound by the same chains)

The Truth (her soul ached back into the dark)

Roots (with that she parted and kept rooted to heaven)

Armor (love divine burns and hurts not)

Waterfall (her heart swelled, then it burst and overflowed)

Life Story (to question my existence is to question your own)

Surrender (by the love she stood alone in, her soul rose complete)

Attempting Aphrodite (follow the dove through the temple columns)

Voices ( )

Incarnation of the Mystery (the perfect round of love)

Hostage (learnt early to cry low and walk alone)

Melting (half awed, half melted, not used)

Lost (and self crowned)

Sticks and Stones (with innocent distraction, still perhaps better than your rhymes)

Pilgrim (I have not without struggle come to this)

Wife (to work with him forever)

Abandon (denied from giving you my soul)