Ive photographed in the forests, marshes and on the beach, but never in the sea around Vashon Island. This led me to exploring with an underwater camera for the first time. Like many of my photo narratives, Murmur intermingles my story, myth and the natural world.

I filmed my costumed model in Colvos Passage. I became fascinated by the mirroring and reflections under the water’s surface. I was also mesmerized by how the costume (designed by Patricia Toovey) shaped itself around her.

The photos in this series represent her “one breath.” With one breath she dives into the depths and is in an ethereal dance with the strong currents moving her. And deeply moving me, in awe of the beauty under the sea.


Curious to hear a siren sing
I hold my breath when I imagine such beautiful things
Breathless, I catch the moon
Because I feel like floating in space

O my sea, O my heart (repeat chorus)

Undercurrents push me deeper (swim with shadows)
Takes my breath away (hold nothing here)
Lets me go (forget to come up for air)

O my sea, O my heart (repeat chorus)

Then, lovely, I become a star adrift
Your soul’s murmur my guiding wish

— Jenn Reidel