A Fury Tale is an illustrated love poem reminiscent of tableaux vivants by 19th century allegorical photographers. Using a photo-etching process, I transferred the photographic image onto a copperplate and with a press printed the images onto fine art paper.

A Fury Tale

A Fury took on a life of her own.

The oracle said there is a problem with your fury.

The beat of her heart was louder than her wings.

Her act lured him to the Devil’s tree.

Where love letters rustled along with fury’s wings.

He adored her like no other.

Love wasn’t as easy as she thought.

A child held the power to direct her.

She passed by former gods adoring.

A sieve for miracles

She fell into a dead place.

In a dream her transformation was lame.

Love appeared in a boat out of water.

Feeling forced her to bail.

© 2021 Jenn Reidel. All rights reserved.