Artist Statement

My work is composed from personal mythology and dreams. The mediums I use are writing, photography and performance. The heart of my artwork is in the journaling I do about my night dreams, visions and experiences in the natural world. For decades I have created scenes with myself and models as unexpected or liminal figures in nature. The camera is my witness. The shooting method I prefer is to discover the narrative in the course of its making. I order each series of photographs in a literary form — often poetry and prose.

Most of my career as a photographer has been spent in black and white darkrooms. Within this time, I’ve also created series of work inspired by my love of alternative processes like cyanotypes, Polaroid transfers, encaustic transfers and a non-toxic photo-etching process to mimic 19th century photogravures. Now I work with a digital camera and Photoshop, layering my images, creating photographs that appear like surreal paintings.

My current project, Rodin's Photographer, is a period piece in which visual poetry meets historical fiction. Since 2014 I’ve been working on the story in which I take on the role of the Unknown Photographer. The photographs are presented as reinterpretations of a “discovered” turn of the century female artist. For the exhibit, I invited a sculptor and commissioned dancers to create performances. It is through this work that I finally begin to understand the striving to find some kind of infinite self beyond “my identity.”

Perhaps I will venture closer to this essence I am searching for in The Phoenix. This new work-in-progress is my first collaboration with a dancer and a costume designer. I am learning the art of video and how to project my images onto a moving figure. I wonder who is the Phoenix in the end? Look around and listen, I hear. There is nothing but beauty and ancient riddles.