Artist Statement

My interest in writing and photography began with journaling my night dreams, an awe of nature and a curiosity about the human spirit. As a writer, I tell people's stories, but have struggled with my own. Art photography (especially self portraiture) is one way I can see beyond the frame and explore my identity.

During my photo shoots, I stay open to what is before me, and always nature meets me in ways I never expect. My process is like a random card draw. It is often a back-and-forth dance between myself as subject and my camera as witness. I am surprised by my improvisational ways of creating, allowing a gentle and sometimes fearsome force to play in my story and well, my life. I shuffle my hand and begin each narrative with a brave notion that if I don’t make the photos I will not get there, wherever THERE is for each of us.

What I want most now as an artist in this stage of my career is more time. Time to gather, and experiment, too — always that — but most of all to finally put together the work I’ve done in a meaningful way. I suppose this is my journey.

An artist friend advised me to note the last image in a series; therein lies the truth:

There is a place where ghosts can go.
It is a place where the woebegone souls go wild.
It is deep in a place where the lost and the searching meet.

—From Ghosts in Love