Ghosts in Love

Only she could see where her love lies.

Her ghost held something for her that was no longer there.

The stain that remained was certainly a pain.

It was a beautiful, secret place where her lament went.

It was hard for her to imitate how she felt about him.

What was underneath was hard for her to grasp.

She placed her ghosts in the bath to clean up her past.

Her ghosts liked to hang out her dirty laundry for him to see.

It appeared to her that she not only had a ghost of a chance, she had three.

She didn't have to worry would it last now that it was past.

Her ghosts were bound to keep them apart.

Instead of breathing hard, she found she had no breath at all.

With some help, love attempted to lift her spirit.

There is a place where ghosts can go.

It is a place where the woebegone souls go wild.

It is deep in a place where the lost and the searching meet.