In Her Dreams

It all started for her the evening the three women appeared to her at the bar. It was so startling, she spilled her drink.

She noticed her purse was very heavy. She opened it and saw it was full of water.

A wolf stalked her by a frigid river with large boulders. She could see it out of the corner of her eye. When she stopped to touch the water, she turned and saw the wolf next to her baring its teeth and snarling at her. She took out her flashlight and shined the light in its face. This blinded the animal, giving her time to jump in the water and swim downstream.

A feral man stopped his cart and helped her escape the flood she predicted would be the end.

She fell. All the while she fell he laughed. She felt her heart pound through her, as she plummeted and finally struck the water.

Mary was throwing things at her. She yelled over and over, "You are no good."

She noticed even though she was a statue she could move. She decided to leave the garden.

She saw a woman leaving the party. Her evening gown was unzipped.

The man she slept with didn't notice her trapped under the sheet.

She loved a towel. She didn't want anyone to know about this towel and hid her desire for it from those she lived with.

A feral man pushed her off the c art which carried her away from the floods.

She had thought herself brave to talk to the man under the dock. She was concerned for him, and asked if the push pins hurt his face.

Her neighbors like to peek in her window. They heard she was growing wasp wings.

After she was finished writing on a long roll of paper, she collapsed. When they came to read what she wrote, they saw she had drawn short and long lines.

A woman came to her from another land and said she was chosen to be queen. She thought, "I didn't have to marry a king to become queen."

She heard about a woman missing in the village. Later she saw a woman rise up from a stream. The woman was she. She watched herself dive. She did not see her again.