Published in 3 Elements Winter 2023 issue

1 February 2023

In my shipwreck abandon, wonder where to breathe, wonder where it is safe, wonder how long I can hold, my breath finally a wonder.

On the last day of summer, during the last minutes before the sun set over the Olympic Mountain range, I was happy my model wanted to brave the cold Salish Sea again for another dive in my Phoenix costume. I witnessed how the water and her graceful movements seemed to set the water ablaze in fiery bursts of light.

I created the images to be included in my narrative series Rodin's Photographer. When I saw the 3 Elements theme "Shipwreck" I submitted "The Phoenix in the Sea." It was wonderful news that it was selected to be featured in the free online Winter 37 issue.

See on Vimeo my short video from which the photo was taken: The Phoenix in the Sea.