Soon to be published in 3 Elements Winter 2023 issue

12 Dec 2022

On the last day of summer, during the last minutes before the sun set over the Olympic Mountain range, I was happy my model wanted to brave the cold Salish Sea again for another dive in my Phoenix spirit costume. I witnessed how the water and her graceful movements seemed to set the water ablaze in fiery bursts of light.

I created the images to illustrate my graphic novel Rodin's Photographer. She has fallen overboard. When I saw the 3 Elements theme "Shipwreck" I couldn't help but to send this video still of my dreamy photographer-protaganist in the sea. I'll link the Winter issue soon when it is online. There you can read the poem I wrote to go along with the photo the editors selected shown above. Click the Vimeo link below to see my short video The Phoenix Spirit in the Sea.