Rodin's Photographer

Opens January 2020
Vashon Center for the Arts

Opening Reception and Dance Performance is Friday, January 10, 6-9 pm at Vashon Center for the Arts. In my series of narrative photos, “Rodin’s Photographer,” I take on the role of the Unknown Photographer, who worked with French sculptor Auguste Rodin in the late 1800s. Within a conceptual theme — presented as my reinterpretations of these “discovered” turn of the century artist’s photographs — I intertwine historical research and fiction to create a classic character attempting to use her camera to reveal the mystery of how the spirit moves us.
Jenn Reidel

Photos & Story

Jenn Reidel
Mike Magrath


Michael Magrath
Abby Enson


Abby Enson and Arlette Moody

“Rodin's Photographer” is an enchanting multidisciplinary art experience.

The genesis of the idea was sparked at the Maryhill Museum of Art. I was inspired by Rodin's sculpture I saw there, and as I researched him, I was equally captivated by his entourage of artists, poets, and dancers. I invited Michael Magrath to show his new sculptures, and I commissioned dancers Abby Enson and Arlette Moody to choreograph new work to be performed at the opening reception, January 10, 2020.

For anyone who has visited my website over the past year, you may have wondered where has Jenn Reidel gone? Well, she has gone and created a conceptual art show that combines her favorite mediums of photography, performance and writing.


He began to knead my whole body as if it were clay, while from him emanated heat that scorched and melted me.

Isadora (remembering her first encounter with Rodin) Dancer

Only he who can expect anything, who does not exclude even the mysterious, will have a relationship to life greater than just being alive…

Rainier Maria Rilke (from "Letters to a Young Poet") Poet

I get far more pleasure out of writing you than from drawing.

Gwen John (in a letter to Rodin) Painter
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